my history....


I was born in Sweden in 1975. My parents educated me in the spirit of art, craft and nature. I love the freedom to make things by my own, to build, to construct and to change. I'm curious and will never stop discovering what I can achieve with my hands, some tools and the material I have around me, mostly clay. I believe in a human need of creating but also of having beauty and harmony around us in our daily life. 

When I was 25 I left Sweden to go and live in Italy with my french fiancé. He got a job outside Rome and I followed him. After some years we got married and then we got two girls. By then I had started up a small pottery studio in the little town. Italy is a fantastic country in many ways and I love our house and my work shop placed just in the middle of a great nature area. All this gives me so much inspiration for my work and for living.

Besides designing and creating ceramics I am doing some acrylic painting momentary. I have a bachelor university degree in Education in Arts and Swedish language so I practise also a lot of teaching: pottery classes, painting classes and Swedish complimentary classes for kids with Swedish roots.

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