my history....

I was born in Sweden in 1975. My parents, both artists, educated me in the spirit of art, craft and nature. 

When I was 25 I left Sweden to go and live in Italy with my french fiancé, Frederic Le Gall from Corsica. He got a job near Rome, in an international organisation and I followed him. Frederic encouraged me and my art and together we decided that I should open up a little business activity. (2001) It was tough financially,  but also a wonderful experience. It was a new culture for me, and the beginning of an adventure in the professional arts world in Italy, but thanks to a lot of support from family and friends, my little work shop in the Castelli Romani area got more and more busy.  

After some years we got married and then we got two girls, Emma and Flora. In 2008 we took the big step to buy a wonderful house to rinovate, in the Italian country side, where my art studio with gallery would have its natural site. We visioned a creative home where family and friends could gather and where Frederic could cultivate his passion for gardening, bricolage and music, in his free time.  

We ended actually up with a life so full of creativity, projects, art and design that we sometimes ask ourselves when to do those trips or just take a week end off..... 

The thing is that this house, with place for creating, my art gallery,  work shops for pottery passionates , Fred's rose and lavender garden, the parties, the girls dance shows, the Dj evenings.. is our paradise on earth.

I work with art dealers and galleries, private clients and public commissions. Don't hesitate to contacting me to make a visit in my studio and gallery in Rocca Priora, Italy, or for international exhibitions and collaborations. You will find contact details on next page!        Let's keep that wheel turning!    


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